transform medical staff stress to a resilient superpower

Transform medical staff stress into a resilient superpower.
Empower healthcare professionals to thrive in high-pressure environments, ensuring exceptional patient care and professional fulfillment.

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"Our office dealt with three billing companies since 2015,it was always a headache and arguments about coding and submitting services. Since we hired artisans integrity management I don’t remember that we even had to complain about their effectiveness or speed. they care and they follow up on every single claim..Our revenue went high since they started doing our billing."

— Yara Eid

"Highly recommended!"



"I have worked with Artisans for a period of 2 years. As a Family Nurse Practitioner, I have found the organization to be efficient, competent, user friendly, and truly cares about the providers affiliated with the organization. More specifically Ms. Hala Massouh and her excellent team are hard working, immediately address any issues that arise, approach their work with integrity, and always are available for consultation on any issue/process. I appreciate the organization and would recommend the organization to any other provider."

— Sara Back

"I appreciate the organization and would recommend the organization to any other provider.!"



"Artisans Integrity Management is an excellent company to utilize for your billing service. They’re detailed oriented, professional and high integrity. "

— Marla NordHenry

"excellent company to utilize for your billing service!"



"Artisans integrity management billing and consulting team are the best. They know what they do, they are always there for any questions, they follow up, they care .Very professional company, I highly recommend them"

— Tarek Azzam

"Very professional company, I highly recommend them!"



"Highly recommend Artisans integrity management for billing , management and consulting services.They care to collect every single claim, have credibility that make them the best company that doctors like to deal with ever."

— Khlod Alkotait

"Highly recommend!"



At Artisans Integrity Management, we deeply understand the unique demands placed on medical professionals—especially amidst the echoes of the pandemic. We craft custom, neuroscience-based solutions to dramatically improve mental health, wellbeing, and resilience, specifically tailored for doctors and their staff.

Our innovative programs are rooted in neurology and neurolinguistics coaching, offering transformative experiences that significantly reduce stress and foster mental fitness. Beyond mental wellbeing, we also provide crucial services aimed at streamlining medical billing processes, facilitating growth, and offering top-tier consulting to drive your practice forward.

We’re committed to nurturing not only the minds but the operations of your medical business, integrating wellness and efficiency for comprehensive care. Don’t wait another moment; join us in this pivotal step towards renewed strength, tranquility, and success. Click to schedule your appointment today—because you and your team deserve the uncompromising care and expertise that Artisans Integrity Management delivers.

Artisans Integrity Management

Ready to increase your revenue?

Here are some key questions you should be asking your billing team.

Here are some key questions you should be asking your billing team.

I’d like to review the numbers on my financial reports with you in detail.

How many denials do you have and what is your process for my denied claims?

Do you have total control of my EMR system?

What are my clearinghouse numbers?

Are all my payments set up for electronic fund transfer (EFT)?

What is my average payment return time?

What is my average claim payment amount?








BECAUSE You should know about your billers processes.


I was horrified when I started contacting large, well known medical billing companies. I was asking them key questions, and it was startling how many of them could not answer the questions that I asked on behalf of my clients. In many cases I uncovered that denials were not being reviewed or re-processed, there was no explanation for the accounting process, and there were major variations in the numbers provided on their own financial reports. Not to mention the millions of dollars that was unaccounted for. This inspired me to start my own billing company based on integrity and transparency. 

Not all billing companies are created equal.

You work hard to serve your patients,
and you deserve a billing team that works just as hard to get you paid.

Welcome to Artisans integrity management. 

CUZ guess what...

When you run a busy practice, it is crucial that you are able to handle your financials. Professional medical billing is crucial when you do not have your own in-house billing team, as it ensures that you have access to high level data while being able to obtain payments and handle claims. As the billing team you can trust, Artisans Integrity Management provides a wide range of services designed to support your practice. As your medical billing professionals in NY, we simplify your processes so that you can focus on what matters the most: your patients.

As your provider of medical billing expert services in NY, the team at Artisans Integrity Management cares about your business as much as you do. We tailor our medical billing solutions to cater to the unique needs of your practice, providing comprehensive reporting, claims handling, payment remittance and more. We focus on the finer details, providing honest and transparent service, ensuring that your team can always have access to everything they need to support your practice in the long term.

Remove the stress from your work and enjoy more time to deliver quality care to your patients with a medical billing expert in NY at Artisans Integrity Management.
To find out more about our services, reach out to our team today at 720-253-3476.

Artisans Integrity Management provides specialized support and guidance to healthcare organizations and practitioners to help improve their operations, enhance quality of care, and achieve their business goals. Our consulting services include business development, operational efficiency, quality improvement, compliance and regulatory services, and revenue cycle management.

As experienced consultants work closely with clients to assess their unique needs, develop tailored solutions, and implement effective strategies to improve performance and outcomes. Our team has extensive experience in healthcare operations, clinical care, and financial management, and we leverage our expertise to provide customized solutions that meet the unique needs of our clients.

Our services are designed to help healthcare organizations improve their performance and maximize their results.

Medical Consulting Solution in NY

Your Medical Billing Expert Professionals

Unlock the power within your medical staff by transforming stress into resilience. Our specialized program empowers healthcare professionals to navigate high-pressure environments with confidence and strength. We provide the tools and strategies needed to cultivate resilience, enhance well-being, and promote optimal performance. With our support, your medical staff can harness their inner superpower to thrive in the face of adversity, ensuring exceptional patient care and professional fulfillment.

Medical Mental Fitness Coaching

The Medical Billing & Medical Consulting team you can trust

We are a curated team of experienced professionals who are driven by integrity and make the company what it is today; an honest organization that is dedicated to increasing your revenue. Our AIM is to bring transparency back to the industry and leave no bill left unclaimed. 


How AIM Works

We schedule a call and identify your pain points and diagnose the issues. Together, we develop a hard hitting  strategy to increase revenue - fast!

First This

We begin your onboarding process. This system is efficient, thorough, and includes the opportunity for your team to meet ours - putting faces to names.

Then this

We become true champions for your money. Yes, it is really that simple. There is no hidden agenda - we get to work and rev up your profits!

then this

"AIM changed my life. I get to work less, and make more. My business would not be the success that it is without them."

Dr. Ramsey Joudeh


"Kate changed my life. My whole damn life. I simply wouldn't be where I am in my business if not for her."


started her own biz


real results

feeling confident in your financial processes. 

business partnerships that actually make an impact.

hiring a dream team that will ensure YOUR continued growth and more time to operate in your zone of genius.

Creating and sustaining processes and systems for added efficiency and profitability. 

Feeling more balanced, rested, and in alignment with what you're wanting to create for your life.

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

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Maximize your revenue and minimize your administrative workload.

We are for you if:

you're commited to business growth

You're resistant to change

you value honesty and transparency 

you're not interested in business growth

you're ready to make more money!

We probably aren't for you if...

you're growing older, not wiser


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Compliance and Regulatory Services

Healthcare Management

Healthcare Consulting

Business development

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Billing + Plus


Research for coding + billing changes

User audit reports

User Management

billing setup

ERA setup with insurance

honest financial reporting + invoicing

Denial research + resubmission

Money collection

claims setup

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